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Company Profile

        Teng He Precision Motor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is set servo motor series development, manufacturing and sales of professional firms.

   The company has a strong product development, design and manufacture of professional management team, full of technological innovation, product innovation, has obtained a certificate of invention and utility patents State Intellectual Property, enacted more than 30 innings. 2013 assessed for the state paying technology enterprises, the company introduced the industry's dazzling THB series servo motor, the performance indicators have reached

Technical standards mainstream Japanese servo motor.

   To provide quality products and complete after-sales service company uphold excellence [] [] the concept of full service will provide customers. The spirit of enterprise: "the benefit of society, contribution to mankind." At present products are widely used in packaging machinery, capacitor winding equipment, robotics, warp knitting machine, LED electronic equipment, weaving a number of industrial products, machinery control 'PCB drilling machines, engraving and milling and CNC machine tools' automated production lines.


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