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Permanent magnet AC servo motor comparison The main advantage with DC servo motor

Permanent magnet AC servo motor comparison The main advantage with DC servo motor

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  Since the 1980s, along with integrated circuits, power electronics and variable speed AC drive technology, permanent magnet AC servo drive technology has outstanding development, various well-known electrical manufacturers have launched their own AC servo motor and servo drive series products and constantly improve and update. AC servo system has become the main development direction of modern high-performance servo system, so that the original DC servo forced out of the crisis. 90 years later, the world has commercialized the sine wave AC servo system is fully digital servo motor drive control. AC servo drive the rapid development drive in the field. Permanent magnet AC servo motor with DC servo motor comparison, the main advantages are:

⑴ without brush and commutator, so the work can be *, maintenance and low maintenance requirements.

⑵ cooling stator winding more convenient.

⑶ inertia small, easily and quickly improved the system.

⑷ adapted to high-speed high torque working condition.

Smaller size and weight ⑸ under the same power.

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