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High-end servo systems into a trend

High-end servo systems into a trend

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After the breakthrough in the low-end industrial areas, domestic brands to quickly look into the other high-end servo systems, motion control.

Servo system refers to the displacement of the object, angle, speed to control the amount of the composition, it is possible to track any changes in the target automatic control system, usually by a servo drive and servo motor. It is understood that the servo system is based on an extension of inverter technology products, in addition to the speed and torque control, it can also be accurate, rapid and stable position control.

Kymmene technology introduction, the servo system due to its high accuracy, fast response, high efficiency, low speed and high torque output to achieve superior performance characteristics of high precision in the industry has been more widely used, it has been widely used machine tools, packaging, printing, electronics, textiles, plastics and other industries, and starting in wind power, medical equipment, hybrid electric vehicles and other emerging industries began to promote.

Our servo technology started late, it is difficult to compete with foreign brands in the technology and reliability, foreign brands still occupy the domestic market share of about 80%. Since 2000, one of the few manufacturers in the absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis, independently developed servo system, and achieved a certain market share in the domestic market. Since 2008, Kymmene technology small batch servo system products, in 2009 sales revenue of 17 million yuan; in 2010, the company sold products amounted to 111 million yuan servo system, up 570% surge.

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